January 20

Knowing What We Need to Eat

High carb low fat diet

There are many methods of diet plan, from low carb high fat diet to high carb low fat diet. If we learn more about our body, the need of the diet plan of everybody is different. However, we see our body from the weight and refer whether our body is good or bad from the standard weight. When we use specific body weight measurement, we will know what is more and what is less in our body. That kind of measurement for body weight will show the percentage of the bones, fat, water, and muscle in our body. By knowing the percentage of those things in our body, we will know what type of food that we need for our body.

high carb low fat diet

Body fat

The standard body fat is determined from sex and age. For women under 30 years old, the percentage of the body fat is around 17% – 24%. And if we are older than 30 years old, it is normal to have body fat around 20% until 27%. Then, for men under 30 years old, the normal body fat is around 14% until 20%. But, if we are males over 30 years old, it is ok to have body fat around 17% – 23%.

high carb low fat diet
After knowing how much body fat in our body, we will how to maintain the food for our body. If our body fat is under normal percentage, we should try some high-fat foods for a few days. It is important to have the body fat on the normal percentage because it is needed to absorb some vitamin. It is also needed by our body to make new cells.
Lower the body fat is important if it is over the normal percentage. We can start by eating low-fat foods. Then, we can start to work out to burn the fat too. The body fat which is over normal is not good. It could gain weight. Too much fat is our body is not good because it could be the triggers of some chronic diseases, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Those things could lead to heart disease.

Muscle mass

high carb low fat diet

Muscle is one of the essential parts or human body. Besides that, the muscle mass could be one thing that determines how good our body is. The mass of the muscle in our body can be measured in that weight measurement with a special feature. The normal percentage of the muscle mass is seen from the sex and age. The standard of the muscle mass is divided into four parts; low, normal, high, and very high.

high carb low fat diet
Muscle mass in our body is important. It could help to change the fat into energy. Besides that, it is better to have more muscle than fat. The mass of the muscle could be significant to our weight. But, the body shape will be good. To get normal muscle mass, we need to eat low fat and low carb.

Body water

high carb low fat diet

The percentage of the body water is important to be maintained. The normal body water for a woman is around 45% until 60%. Then, for man, the normal body water in the body is between 50% until 65%. The role of water is very important because most of our organs in our body need water. To supply our body with water, generally, we need to drink about eight glass of water every day. The water can be added into diet plan by submitting fruits which contain a lot of water. The amount of water in our body could influence the body weight too. Some people have heavier body weight because they have much body water.

Bone mass
The other things that will influence the diet plan and the body weight are the bone mass. The standard of bone mass is determined by the body weight. For women with weighing 50 Kg, they need to have a bone mass more than 1.95 Kg. Then, it is normal to have a bone mass more 2.4 kg for women with weight around 50 Kg – 70 kg. For the women who have body weight about 70 Kg, it could be normal if the bone mass is more than 2.95 Kg. For men, the bone mass will be heavier than women. The normal bone mass for them is more than 2.66 Kg, for men who are lighter than 65 Kg. Then, the normal bone mass with weight about 65 Kg – 95 Kg is about 3.29 Kg. It is normal for men who is more than 95 Kg body weight to have a bone mass about 3.69 Kg. To make normal bone mass in our body, we should add high calcium in the diet plan.

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